Hospitality Wellness

“By 2020 the health issues of travelers will be even more extreme than they are today. Stress, chronic disease and obesity will be at an all-time high, and hotels and spas will have to accommodate to the even more over-worked guest. No longer will things like fitness centers and spas be considered “amenities,” They’ll be necessities. ” ~Susie Ellis, President of SpaFinder

Are you a luxury, modern, forward-thinking hotel group? If so, health and wellness is critical to the achievement of these brand goals as well as to staying ahead of competition in the hospitality industry today. A co-branded partnership with JWW will make wellness a defining component of your brand and will ensure that your guests have a premium wellness experience each and every time they visit your hotel.

JWW Hospitality Wellness Offers:

JWW Wellness On-Demand

  • Modules which teach individual fitness exercises and online yoga poses
  • Yoga and fitness video classes designed for all levels that integrate the individual modules into 10- 40 minute sequences:
    • Level 1: beginners
    • Level 2: intermediate to advanced
    • Specialty: offers yoga and fitness video sequences for high blood pressure, back, neck, shoulder and hip pain. Specific routines for stress management can be done at a desk in the workplace. For travel-related stress, pain and jet lag, JWW has programs that can be done at the airport, in an airplane seat and in a hotel room upon arrival
    • Daily online yoga, fitness classes and meal plans

On-Site Wellness Consulting

  • Implementation of premium wellness components throughout the hotel from equipping fitness facilities and rooms to supplying mini bars with healthy snacks
  • Custom wellness programs and retreats for special groups, corporate clients, and VIPs
  • Training of local yoga and fitness teachers as well as chefs to prepare JWW healthy recipes and menus
  • The JWW online program at a discount for guests upon checkout so that they may continue their wellness programs at home
  • The JWW online wellness platform for hotel employees
Find Self
Studies show that yoga helps decrease stress, increase focus, lower blood pressure, enhance flexibility, tone muscles and improve balance.
Find Strength
Research shows that exercise and weight training facilitate weight-loss, enhance heart health, improve circulation, increase energy levels and heighten concentration.
Find Form
Data shows that a healthy diet is key not only to disease prevention but also to the reversal of metabolic disorders such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

Imagine that you are a guest arriving at one of your hotel rooms and being told about the perk of on-demand yoga and workout videos created by acclaimed instructor Julie Wilcox. Are you also hoping to eat healthy during your stay? The JWW on-demand menus and tips will help you make nutritious choices from the moment you settle in to the moment you depart.

Contact: julie@juliewilcoxmethod.com for more information

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