JWW is an innovative approach to healthy living. A one-stop shopping boutique wellness company, we integrate the three essential pillars of health--fitness, nutrition, and yoga. While other companies and programs emphasize yoga, fitness or food, JWW operates with the belief that optimal well-being requires a lifestyle which blends all three pillars equally and emphasizes their interrelationships.  JWW serves the corporate, hospitality, and consumer markets with on-site consulting/curating services as well as online/on-demand educational and practical digital media products.

Digital products include cardio and strength training videos, yoga videos, cooking videos, and meal planning tools with a large supporting database of over 350 signature vegetarian meets Mediterranean recipes. Our virtual tools make getting healthy easy and fun anytime anywhere. We offer additional bespoke services and products such as customized webinars, Skype consultations, on-site wellness lectures, and health fair event days. We outsource wellness teachers and experts to individual office locations through user-friendly App technology created by one of our partners, Refresh Body.

Julie is founder and CEO of JWW. She has worked with C-suite professionals from wall street founding members to real estate executives. She has worked with for-profit companies of all sizes from IBM to Deborah Lippmann Enterprises and non-profit organizations such as the Alexander Calder Foundation. She is a unique teacher and expert with the capability of teaching a wide range of clients from the healthiest and most advanced individuals to those dealing with mild to severe injury and illness (auto-immune disease, clinical depression, severe back and neck pain, knee injury, diabetes and more).  Julie is a prolific health blogger with articles and videos featured across the Internet on many websites including Forbes, FoxNews, MindBodyGreen, Parade, Refinery29, and Greatist to name a few. Julie has also appeared as a wellness expert on TV for Fox News, CNBC and Arise Entertainment.