Welcome to The Julie Wilcox Wellness (JWW) Corporate Wellness Program.
The JWW was built with corporations in mind. The best gift a company can give its employees is the gift of health. Employee wellness correlates with the health of a company yielding increased loyalty and productivity while reducing healthcare costs and absenteeism. At a time when competition for jobs is at an all time high and worker retention more difficult than ever, the JWW offers a comprehensive solution to serve employees’ work/life balance.

The JWW is an innovative approach to a healthy lifestyle, which integrates yoga, fitness and nutritious eating through a unique combination of proper form, athleticism and moderation. The three-pronged focus of  the JWW offers a comprehensive wellness package: while other programs tend to focus on yoga, fitness or food, the JWW teaches all three elements as well as their respective interrelationships.

Being healthy in mind, body and spirit is about maintaining a dynamic lifestyle that celebrates personal evolution inside and out. The JWW will help employees eat healthier, lose weight, tone-up, become more flexible, increase stamina, strengthen joints, lower blood pressure, enhance heart health, find focus and quiet the mind.

The JWW provides a balanced, fun and accessible wellness program accessible. A sedentary lifestyle compromises spinal integrity, core strength, muscles, bones and soft tissues making us prone to injury, pain, aging and illness. Yoga, cardiovascular exercise and eating well yields a healthy musculoskeletal system that supports and protects the brain as well as the metabolic, circulatory, digestive, nervous, and endocrine systems.


Yoga is an ancient practice devised to create balance, clarity, serenity, good health, strength, flexibility and freedom by uniting mind, body and spirit. The Julie Wilcox Method Yoga Program offers video instruction and content for practitioners of all levels. The Level 1 beginner yoga program teaches how to do basic poses (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and short meditations. The Level 2 intermediate yoga program builds on Level 1 by introducing more advanced poses, stronger breathing techniques and deeper meditations. The Specialty Level instructs on how to work with areas of inflexibility, injury, illness and professional/travel limitations. The JWW yoga program respects that everyone is an individual. Once you are a subscriber, you will have access to the JWW yoga calendars as well as the ability to practice at your own pace.


The JWW Fitness Program is an accessible results-oriented program with a wide variety of exercise options to suit many life situations including at home, the gym, work, and when traveling. The workouts are designed to help maintain and enhance cardiovascular stamina, burn calories, lose weight, develop muscle tone and improve balance. The JWW fitness program will help you become strong in body and mind. As a subscriber you will get workout videos in three levels. The Level 1 beginner fitness program offers introductory and maintenance workouts. The Level 2 intermediate fitness program builds on Level 1 by introducing more vigorous workouts if you want to lose weight. The Specialty fitness program offers low-impact workouts if you have limitations. Additionally, the JWW provides guidance if you prefer gym or outdoor sports activities to fulfill fitness and weight-loss goals. Once you are a subscriber, you will have access to the JWW fitness calendars as well as the ability to customize your own workouts.


The Julie Wilcox Method Food Program will teach you how to eat well for a lifetime combining creativity and fun with discipline. The Level 1 beginner food program is for healthy eating and weight maintenance. The Level 2 food program is focused on weight-loss. The Specialty food program offers gluten-free menus and recipes and tips on how you can maintain a healthy diet whether working or traveling, being a parent or eating out. The JWW meal plans emphasize the healthiest foods you can consume: anti-oxidant and phytonutrient-rich berries; vitamin-filled leafy greens and vegetables; high-fiber grains; protein-dense legumes; fish; and omega-3-rich nuts and seeds.The JWW believes that healthy eating, which yields consistent weight, solid muscle tone, great skin, and vitality is about pure nutritious foods, proper portion size, balanced meals, and allowing the body’s natural systems and hormones to do their jobs without the stress of overeating, under-eating or eating innutritious and/or processed unnatural foods.


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