Home method

Do you hope to get fit, be flexible, lose weight, tone-up, be more energetic, lower your stress levels, stabilize your blood pressure and improve your heart health? The Julie Wilcox Wellness (JWW) offers the perfect at home on the go 24/7 online solution for total wellness by integrating the three essential pillars of health: yoga, fitness and food. The JWW instructional wellness program offers:

  • Over 60 online yoga classes
  • Dozens of individual yoga pose modules
  • Meditations and Breathing Techniques
  • Complete 15-30 minute HIIT and sports cardio calorie-torching workouts
  • 150 toning exercises
  • Cooking lessons
  • Hundreds of healthy vegetarian meets Mediterranean recipes for weight maintenance and weight loss as well as gluten-free recipes
  • Tips on how to stay fit on the job and during travel
  • Weekly blogs that provide you with a continuous education about health and wellness

In addition, Julie helps you schedule your healthy lifestyle by teaching you how to alternate between yoga and fitness routines day-by-day and how to eat right by following JWW meal plans and recipes. If you prefer, you can also create your own programs using the JWW content at your discretion. It is time to achieve your goals and feel great for a lifetime! The JWW is for all levels and provides both individual and corporate wellness plans.