Hospitality Wellness

Hospitality Wellness

Do you want to be a modern, cutting edge hotel known for catering to the business traveler? If so, health and wellness is critical to the achievement of your brand goal as well as to staying ahead of your competition. A co-branded partnership with JWW will make wellness a defining component of your properties. With in-room, on-demand, customized content, wellness retreats, and special health events, we ensure that your guests have a premium experience each and every time they visit. From on-demand fitness, cooking, and yoga classes, to healthy mini bars and menus, we tailor our services to your hotels and your guests’ specific needs.

The healthy business traveler who takes advantage of JWW programming will be less jet-lagged as well as more energetic, focused, creative, and enthusiastic about work. With improved employee performance, companies will send their professionals back to your properties around the world time and again. Everyone wins!

Wellness is the future, the business traveler is your guest!

By 2020 the health issues of travelers will be even more extreme than they are today. Stress, chronic disease and obesity will be at an all-time high, and hotels and spas will have to accommodate to the even more over-worked guest. No longer will things like fitness centers and spas be considered ‘amenities,’ They’ll be necessities

Susie Ellis, President of SpaFinderNovember 15, 2013
Online Platform

On-Site Wellness Consulting Offerings

  • Implementation of premium wellness components throughout the hotel based on location from equipping fitness facilities and rooms to organizing outdoor exercise excursions; from  supplying mini bars with healthy snacks to offering 24-hour special healthy food options
  • Customized wellness programs, retreats, and events tailored for groups and corporate clients
  • Recruiting, training, and booking of local yoga instructors, personal fitness trainers, and massage therapists for on property group classes and in-room private sessions
  • Collaboration with food manager and chefs to prepare JWW healthy recipes and menus
  • The JWW online program at a discount for guests upon checkout so that they may continue their wellness program at home
  • The JWW online wellness platform for hotel employees


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In person training

JWW In-Room On-Demand Wellness On-Demand Programing:

  • We create fresh co-branded content with you customized for each location and property or offer ready-made content
  • Ready made content includes:
    • 225 Modules which teach individual fitness exercises and online yoga poses
    • 10-40 minute yoga and fitness video classes designed for all levels that integrate the individual modules into complete workouts
      • Level 1: beginners
      • Level 2: intermediate to advanced
      • Specialty: offers on-demand yoga and fitness classes for high blood pressure, back, neck, shoulders, and hips,  as well stress management and jet lag
  • On-demand cooking classes


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