The health industry is exploding and will continue to grow for years to come. Anyone coming of age during this incredible wellness boom can reap the benefits of of the myriad fitness facilities, yoga studios, organic food markets, farm-to-table restaurants, advances in tracking technology and the accessibility of everything wellness online. There are ways to get in shape and stay healthy for a lifetime and even on a budget.

1. Work for a company that has a strong wellness program, which includes yoga and fitness classes plus healthy snacks. If your company does not offer classes at your office, make sure to take advantage of your corporation’s employee discounts at gyms and yoga studios nearby. No discounts either? Lobby for better wellness perks. You have the power because corporate competition for top employees is fierce! 2. Shop at less expensive organic stores like Trader Joes to find quality food at discounted prices. Buy seasonal ingredients and look for sales. If where you live has a dearth of specialty stores, hit the organic aisles of big box supermarkets. Many are now outfitted with all the basic necessities. 3. Get a second part-time job at the desk at one of your favorite workout haunts (Fly Wheel or Soul Cycle anyone?) A few hours a week not only pays you, but also wins you free classes. 4. Get to know healthy portion sizes and when you shop, carefully assess how much food you truly need. Preparing too much food leads to weight gain, lack of weight loss or wasted money because most fresh healthy non-processed food perishes after a couple of days. 5. Educate yourself about what it means to be healthy by reading books, articles and labels. Watch fun and inspiring TV shows like the Biggest Loser, The Chew and Chopped or movies like Fed Up. The more information you have, the more clever and creative you can be about how to be healthy within a budget or any other lifestyle limitations. 6. Workout with your friends or colleagues. Social motivation and even a little healthy competition, makes staying in shape easier and more fun.  Plan two Saturdays a month to meet up with your buddies to exercise. Establish a challenge between yourselves. Competition is fun and motivating and we always do better when we want to win! 7. Wellness websites and apps. Purchase an online website or app that will enable you to exercise and do yoga anywhere anytime.  They are cheaper than memberships at gyms and studios and easy to use. Look for ones that offer programming across all three pillars of health: fitness, yoga and healthy food. 8. Get Social. Follow inspiring and motivating social media health mavens. You will get daily yoga/fitness tips, pictures of beautiful food and oiled-up selfies that remind you of your mission. You will also find easy recipes that make food preparation at home simple and delicious. 9. Coupons! Find and visit websites, food stores, gyms and yoga studios that offer coupons. 10. Get newsletters from your favorite gyms, yoga studios and organic food stores so that you are first to know about great promotional deals. They are also great motivators. 11. Avoid fad diets and workout trends. They are usually expensive quick fixes. You need a lifestyle program in line with your goals so that you can look and feel awesome for the long haul. 12. Become your own instructor. Get to know yourself, your body and the exercises you like most for the best results. Commit to six months of classes (preferably ones with light or inexpensive equipment only). After each class, write down the moves and routines you’ll want to do again. This will help you do your own workouts at no cost at all for your entire life. The best thing about being your own instructor is that you can exercise anywhere anytime. 13.  Shop for cheap but cute workout clothes. Looking sexy will make you want to stay sexy.