Happy Mother’s Day!

Are you cooking breakfast for your mom today? If so, make it healthy. Nix the sugary, carb-heavy dishes for light and nutritious ones. Of course your mom will never tell you, but she will appreciate and likely prefer a guilt-free, fuel-rich nutritious meal!

Breakfast is hands-down the most important meal of the day and should be nutritious and light (you don’t want to botch your calorie count before the day even begins). The best morning meals combine protein, fiber, light carbs, anti-oxidants and natural fruit sugars. The result? High mental and physical energy, muscles prepared for effective workouts, balanced hormones, and stable blood sugar levels. What more could a mom want than a feel-good healthy meal to start her celebratory day?

If you’re not sure of what constitutes a healthy nutritious breakfast, that’s where I come in with my hundreds of signature healthy recipes.¬†Below are few of my favorite breakfasts you can make for your mom so that she will feel great until the sun goes down!