What makes you feel loved? What makes your partner, children and friends feel loved? According to Gary Chapman, author of the “The Five Love Languages,” there are five ways we communicate with each other to express love:

  1. Acts Of Service (Doing things for people without have to be asked)
  2. Quality Time (Spending uninterrupted focused on-on-one time)
  3. Affirmations (Positive feedback, “you look great in that outfit”)
  4. Physical Touch (Holding hands, hugs & cuddles)
  5. Gifts (Giving and receiving gifts)

Most people have one dominant love language, followed by a close second. People in your life you might not even be aware of, are probably showing you that they love you all the time, however, they might not be communicating it in the language you understand. Why? Naturally, we communicate in the language that makes us feel loved but not necessarily the one that is most fulfilling to someone else.

One of the secrets to relationship success is learning the dominant language of your partner, children, friends and parents so that you can make a conscious effort to communicate with them in their language. It’s equally important to teach them to show you love in a way you understand and to which you best respond.

Initially, love language communication can be challenging but like all things in life, practice makes it easier. Moreover, you will immediately reap the benefits of reduced stress and time wasted due to poor communication.

So how do your discover which is your dominant love language? Take this quick free online questionnaire to find out!

By Catherine Garro

Edited by Julie Wilcox

Clinical Aromatherapist