Happy Black Friday Everyone!

If you plan to practice yoga today and I hope you do, include a bunch of twists in your sequence. Revolved poses are awesome for stoking our digestive fires and toning our core. Twists also enhance the mobility of our spine. One of the biggest movement issues we face with age, is turning around. Our spines lose flexibility and  mobility, which makes it hard to maintain balance as we rotate. Then, we fall. The sooner you start to incorporate twists into your life, the sturdier and healthier you will be!

To get the most out of any twist, as you inhale, release the depth of the twist so that your belly may inflate and then suck your gut in as you exhale so that you can deepen into the twist again. Manipulating your breath is a subtle technique that will help you develop a deep six pack. Twists uniquely work all of the muscles of your abdominal wall as well as your obliques.

If you do not have a large repertoire of revolved yoga poses in your practice, my method teaches almost every twist from the beginner to the most advanced stage. The poses are presented in full 30-40 minute progressive classes, short individual video modules and a glossary of poses in still photograph form.

Get started! Get healthy!

For complete progressive online 10-30 minute yoga classes and individual pose instruction on video with me as your teacher, click here! There is something for everyone, beginner to advanced yogis as well as if you need to do yoga at work, during travel, if you are injured or ill.