If you are as passionate as I am about sports and staying in shape, you too might be wild enough to exercise outdoors in near freezing temperatures. Yesterday, in New York City, at nine in the morning, it was sixteen degrees out according to my iphone. I did not let the frigidity stop me from my already planned bike ride. I intrepidly got dressed in many layers and then hopped on my bike to cycle to my client's home in Tribeca from mine on the Upper East Side. I took the Hudson River Greenway, which was probably the coldest route I could have chosen (no protection from New York City’s skyscrapers and extra wind from the river). Other than a lack of warm gloves (I wore Pearl Izumi biking gloves but not the super warm ones), I had essentially dressed well enough to stave off the mean Hudson breezes. My fingers however, did indeed suffer; they were iced through and through by the time I arrived at my client’s apartment and boy did they burn with pain. Before I headed back home, my client who is also a biker, lent me his extra warm Craft gloves. They made all the difference in the world. I cruised back uptown through the city streets happy as could be, experiencing my urban landscape from an entirely new perspective and without discomfort from the cold. Whether you are biking, skiing, running, walking, rollerblading, skate boarding, hiking, mountain climbing, snowboarding or doing any other outdoor sports on extremely cold days, I highly recommend that you prepare your attire properly before you head out. From New York City to Whistler Blackcomb, I have spoken to experts including the General Manager of the Whistler ski school, sports shop sales folks with fashionista degrees from Parsons, and general winter sports enthusiasts, about what their favorite brands are for outdoor exercise at this time of year. After testing the garb myself, I picked the companies I like most and came up with my own short list of winter sporting wear. The list spans prices and fashions for anyone and everyone who seeks warmth and style while fighting the cold to remain fit. Smartwool says it all in their excellent tag line, "What you get from us isn't just a product; it's the ability to do more of what you love, for as long as you want. That's our promise." Smartwool Icebreaker Spyder Pearl Izumi The North Face Check out the slide show below to view some of Julie Wilcox's Best Winter Outdoor Exercise Picks!               Smartwool Icebreaker Spyder Pearl Izumi The North Face [slideshow auto="undefined" thumbs="on"]