In this boat pose (navasana) yoga video, I teach a yoga posture that will give you toned inner thighs and flat abs. If you are hoping for toned inner thighs and flat abs for your summer swimsuit, start practicing boat pose several times a week. When I finally got the alignment for this pose, the next day my inner thighs burned! In boat pose, the following tips and yoga video will help you to assume the correct posture with the proper alignment points for the most effective inner thigh and core results:    

Boat Pose Yoga Video

Boat Pose Yoga Tips

  • Boat Pose Stage 1 - To assume boat pose (navasana), first sit down and bend your knees placing your toes on your yoga mat.
  • Boat Pose Stage 2 - Remove your buttock's flesh from underneath you so that you can feel your sit bones on the ground.
  • Boat Pose Stage 3 - Support yourself with your hands behind your buttocks on the floor.
  • Boat Pose Stage 4 - Lift through your core and spine. You want to sit with your spine as long as is possible. If you are finding this difficult, elevate your seat onto a blanket.
  • Boat Pose Stage 5 - Seal your legs together from the inner arches of your feet all the way up through your knees to the base of your pelvic floor.
  • Boat Pose Stage 6 - Lift your toes off the ground and elevate them to be in line with your calves.
  • Boat Pose Stage 7 - Maintain a long spine avoiding excess spinal curvature (kyphosis) and hyper-extension (lordosis) in any area of your spine.
  • Boat Pose Stage 8 - Gaze up diagonally just high enough to so that your neck is in line with your spine.
  • Boat Pose Stage 9 -  The abs generally like to puff out so make sure to check and correct for this by drawing your navel back towards your spine.
  • Boat Pose Stage 10 - If you are comfortable and correctly aligned at this stage, place your hands underneath your hamstrings.
  • Boat Pose Stage 11 - Make sure that your shoulders are adequately set back into their sockets.
  • Finally, the advanced boat pose allows your hands to be free in space alongside your thighs with your fingers straight.
  • Boat Pose Stage 12 - Hold any stage for five to ten breaths (you can build towards this with fewer breaths). Take a break. Repeat boat pose at least three times a day 3-4 times a week. Work progressively from one stage of the posture to the others.
Boat Pose
Boat Pose Prep - lift through your core and spine
Boat Pose
Boat Pose - support with hands in back
Boat Pose
Boat Pose - support with hands under hamstrings
Boat Pose
Advanced Boat Pose