The temptation to eat unhealthy food while traveling is difficult to overcome. There are limited options food service chains/restaurants and time is often scarce. Regardless, you can eat healthy if you plan ahead and know what to look for (sushi is my favorite dinner option to bring on a flight). Below are some tips to help you stay on program. Now that chains list calories on menus, be sure to choose items that fit within a proper meal calorie budget. If you are substituting a meal, choose something under 400 calories. If you are getting a snack, choose something under 200 calories. jambaLOGOJamba Juice Stick with 12oz sizes and only pure frozen fruit and juice (no sherbet, yogurt or other add-ins). Smoothies can be caloric and should be consumed as a meal. Healthy Foods Include: For Breakfast or Lunch Fresh Juices Fresh Juice Blends The Berry Toppers Oatmeal image12Pret-A-Manger Pret-A-Manger has many healthy options neatly packed for travel with options for every meal. Healthy Foods Include: Breakfast Fruit Sticks And Cups Yogurt Pots Oatmeal Lunch or Dinner Crudité Small Salads Vegetarian Soups (check for caloric and high-fat ingredients such as cream or extra sodium if soy sauce is used) Sushi Snacks Nuts Yogurt Drinks Under 300 Calories Fruit Cups  Au-Bon-Pain-Logo Au Bon Pain On Au Bon Pain's website, you can look up the Smart Menu in advance to find out nutritional information: how many calories, how much saturated fat, how much sodium…etc.  Healthy Foods Include:  Breakfast Fruit cups Yogurt Lunch Salads Low-Fat Muffins (under 400 calories) Snack Nut Mix starbucks Starbucks Before you leave home I recommend that you visit the Starbucks website to check out the Favorite Foods Under 350 Calories Menu. Healthy Meals Include: Breakfast Oatmeal Fruit Yogurt Parfaits Low-Fat Muffins Spinach And Feta Wrap Lunch Salads (stay away from Caesar dressing) subway-logo Subway Subways’s nutritional values do not include cheese, dressings, white bread, croutons or any extra fillings. Keep this in mind when making your selections. Breakfast Greek Yogurt With Granola Egg White And Cheese on 3-inch Flatbread; hold the avocado and cheese to cut calories. You can even ask for the egg white and cheese without the bread. Egg White Muffin Melt On Wheat Muffins Apple Slices Lunch/Dinner Salads Sandwiches: My best recommendation is to stay away from sandwiches; the breads, spreads, and fillings often add up to a lot of fat and calories. Subway has salad options, but if you are dying for classic sandwich fillings, my best recommendation is to order a sandwich without the bread. If you have to go with a sandwich, order it on mini bread, 3-inches, preferably wheat, or the flatbread. Stick with the Subway Heart-Healthy and Subway Fresh Fit menu options. Le_Pain_Quotidien_logo Le Pain Quotidien Breakfast Fresh Fruit Cups Organic Yogurt With Compote or Berries Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal Organic Brown Rice Pudding Lunch Salads Hummus or Baba Ganoush with Gluten-Free Crackers Dinner Tartines (on gluten-free crackers to cut calories) Salads