These classes range from about 10 to 40 minutes and from beginner (Level 1) to advanced (Level 2). If you're not already very familiar with yoga, I highly recommend you learn the individual poses first which you can find in Pose Modules.

Whereas the classes here are educational and designed for anyone, the true beauty of yoga is in customization for you and your body, mind, and spirit. To work with me and my team in-person and/or online, please feel free to email me via the contact page.



"I have been training with Julie for 7 years. As an avid runner, spinner and pilates enthusiast, I felt that an important element of my fitness regimen was missing.  Julie is clearly that missing piece.  My strength, overall fitness, balance and flexibility have greatly improved.  Julie is exceptionally motivating, combining that rare talent of maximizing my efforts (hence, results) without demoralizing me as has happened with so many prior trainers.  Additionally, as a physician, I know Julie understands anatomy and physiology and is careful to avoid aggravating existing, or creating new, injuries.  I now look forward to my challenging workouts instead of dreading them."
  ~ Nina Brody