If you can get into the mindset of making and bringing your lunch to work (do everything in your power to eat breakfast and dinner at home or NOT at your desk), you will be on your way to achieving your health goals. The office environment is a common food trap, which induces and even promotes poor eating habits (hello vending machines and refrigerators stocked with soda). There is however, a way to maintain an outstanding whole foods healthy diet on the job. All it takes is a few simple skills, and a little advanced planning.

Whether you seek to lose weight, be more energetic, improve your complexion, or reduce your sodium, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, control over what you consume is key to all aspects of your wellness. By learning just a few tricks of the trade (i.e. what ingredients last over time, salad dressings and condiments such as hummus belong in their own Tupperware), you will have the critical information you need for a healthy diet including knowledge about where your ingredients came from, how fresh the food is, what the nutritional balance of your meal is and how much salt, sugar and fat it contains.

By avoiding take-out joints and restaurants, you will also gain a few minutes to an hour of time so that in addition to improving your diet, you can also attend to other areas of your health. More time means more exercise (1 minute each of squats, burpies, moving high lunges, triceps dips on your desk, and planks  goes a long way), socializing (chat with your colleagues or make a phone call to a loved one) and meditating (“Om” away). Research shows that engaging any of these activities for as little as five minutes can bring lasting rewards of better focus, reduced stress and stronger overall health.

Below are a few JWW lunches that are easy, fast and perfect to take to work. Check out the JWW Food Program and get the recipes here! As a member of JWW, you get all of my recipes for work in addition to all recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack dinner and dessert.

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Mediterranean Tomato And Cucumber Salad With Mint, Crackers Spread With Baba Ganoush
Beets With Buttrnut Squash Soup
Beet, Walnut And Basil Salad, Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
Asparagus, Tomatoes, Lentis
French Lentils, Asparagus With Yellow Grape Tomatoes (Optional: Add A Diced Hard Boiled Egg On Top Of Asparagus
Salad With Tempeh And Roasted Carrots
Salad With Tempeh, Roasted Carrots And Grape Tomatos
Honeydew And Blueberries
Honeydew And Blueberries