If you are hoping to stay trim during this year's holiday season, deck out your table, eat mindfully and stave off the pounds. You may even lose a few. Thoughtful environments yield mindful and healthier eating habits and there is no better time than fall to spice up meals with gorgeous table settings. When an environment is both engaging and serene, we are likely to spend more time exploring it and less time unconsciously shoveling food down our throats. When we are calmly  taking in our surroundings and enjoying our company, we tend to slow down the eating process via slower fork to mouth action. In addition, an atmosphere that heightens the senses, also helps us find greater appreciation for the tastes, smells, feel and art of food. Taking it all in with a lingering approach allows us to better know when we are full and impels us to chew more, which is often associated with eating less. Finally, there is no doubt that technology has become a major mealtime distraction. If we can choose eye candy such as a pretty display of leaves, candles, squash and pine cones over gadgets, we are more likely to relax instead of becoming stressed out. Stress leads to over-consumption due to elevated cortisol levels and lack of awareness about how much we eat. Below is a list of great and easy to find fall table setting decorations with which you can start the fun. Scented colorful candles Pine Cones Dried red, orange, yellow, pink and brown leaves Squash Grapes Walnuts (in their shells) Acorns Chestnuts Apples Flowers Pumpkins Indian Corn Wheat Stalks Twigs with colorful leaves Topiaries Pretty fall napkins and napkin holders