I have to confess I am actively on my own method. Here is a glimpse of my calendar over the past 24 hours.


1.5 hour yoga class. Long held postures, my greatest weakness…shh!!

Last Night

Awesome JWM dinner of Tricolore Salad and Vegetarian Tofu Tacos With A Side Of Quinoa (recipes are available in all JWM levels).

Tricolore Salad


This Morning:

JWM Acai Smoothie with my homemade low-fat granola. Just got an email from a client to whom I gifted a jar, asking for the recipe. Her whole family loved it!

Acai WIth Granola

JWM Level 2 30-Minute Aerobic Routine.  Since I shot all the aerobics videos for the JWM awesome sweaty series of signature workouts, I have been on my Sports Cardio program the past few months, running for my workouts. Getting back to high intensity aerobics was soooo fun! I turned up some awesome music and boom! It was over before I new it. Calories burned. Sweat dripping. And it is so nice to vary things up! It is so much more interesting for the mind and healthy for the body to workout in different ways. The fact is, the more muscles you use when you workout and the more varied your cardio exercise program is, the better shape you will be in.


Classic JWM Vegetarian Vegetable and Legume Soup–Chickpeas, Red Kale, Grape Tomatoes, and Bok Choy. Yum!

chickpea and vegetable soup 2

I feel strong and vital with an afternoon full of energy ahead of me and I look forward to sharing it all with you!

All workouts, yoga, recipes are available to you on my site:)