It has finally gotten chilly enough in many places around the world for a wholesome and healthy breakfast of steel cut oatmeal. Steel cut oats are different from other oats, even rolled oats, which can have added sugars, are harder to digest and cause a higher spike in insulin.

Health Benefits of steel cut oats include:

  • Creates stable blood sugar
  • Takes longer to digest causing a lower lesser insulin response
  • Is low in calorie (as long as you watch your toppings)
  • Is a good source of complex carbohydrates
  • Is fiber rich
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Is rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Provides the body with complete protein
  • Is a good source of iron
  • Have a lower glycemic index


Julie Wilcox’s Healthy Breakfast Recipe – Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipe With Maple Syrup and Walnuts Recipe


What You Need

Steel Cut Oats (serving size for 1 person according to the JWM is 1/4 cup oats)


Maple Syrup



How to

Read the back of your oats for proportion of water to oats. Boil and simmer them together and then top them off. I often realize that for the consistency I like, I need more water than is called for. I also end up stirring more frequently than “occasionally.” It is important to stay with your oats because they can easily absorb all your water and burn. Adding water throughout and stirring are key aspects to making the perfect steel cut oatmeal. Once my steel cut oatmeal is cooked, I pour a light pool of organic maple syrup into my bowl and squash a few walnuts on top. Yum!


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