When I was fifteen, a nutritionist and then a doctor gave me some of the best diet advice of my life. They essentially told me to be boring and be slightly hungry.   Be Boring! The nutritionist said, "it's okay--even great--to eat the same thing daily for at least one meal. Just make sure that you love whatever you choose to consume and that it's healthy." I implemented her tip, as suggested, for breakfast. The rule, even for one meal, quickly eliminated an enormous amount of stress for me around food; I no longer had to ask myself if was I eating healthily enough, how many calories I would consume, or if I was going to gain weight. It wasn't long before I decided to apply her advice to a second meal, lunch. With a very limited amount of variance, this plan has since dominated my eating habits. Be Slightly Hungry! The doctor told me that if I was concerned about ever gaining weight, I should eat not until I was full, but until I was slightly hungry. At first this struck me as bizarre because I was skinny and it pointed towards deprivation, which I am firmly against. With curious resistance, however, I experimented with his methodology by also applying it to breakfast and lunch. Surprisingly, I found that a little bit of hunger, went a long way; it helped decrease food stress in my life because it alleviated my concern about gaining weight. If the body is hungry, there is a good chance that it certainly won't gain weight, and also that it might lose weight. Both pieces of advice became automatic health measures for me that have always kept me in check. I rarely, if ever, think about what I'm going to eat for breakfast or lunch because I always know, and therefore, almost never worry about calories, fat, or nutritional intake. When it comes to food, I am essentially a creature of habit. I am boring and abstemious at breakfast and lunch and liberal, creative, and kindly full at dinner (still health conscious--examples to come and in archives throughout the site--i.e. no Big Macs or Chinese takeout). With the choices that I've made and truly love to eat, I'm always sure that I'm getting the nutrition my body needs and that I will never gain or lose more than 5 pounds, unless I want to. *Check tomorrow's post for a sample lunch consisting of two delicious recipes of my own creation.