Extended Side Angle (Parsvakonasana) is a yoga pose accessible to almost anyone. In this video Julie Wilcox shows you how to find correct and safe alignment at all levels of the yoga posture (all the way through to bound extended side angle). As always if you have never done this pose, please be extra careful. Do not push your boundaries. Watch the video below.

Extended Side Angle Yoga Video 

Benefits of the extended side angle pose include:

  • Stretching the hamstring, inner thigh muscle, and inner hip of the front leg
  • Stretching of the entire back hip, leg, shin and ankle
  • Stretching and toning of both arms
  • Opening of the chest and thereby increasing breath capacity
  • Opening and increasing mobility of the shoulder girdles
  • Stretching the muscles along the entire back body
  • Toning of the abdomen
  • Strengthening of the neck muscles
  • Toning of the glutes and quads of both legs
  • Strengthening the knee joints of both legs
  • Increasing concentration
  • Quieting your mind