This yoga video explains how to find space, movement and freedom in your hips so that you can perfect your triangle pose. For the beginner to the advanced student, I guide you through this posture from preparation to completion focusing on alignment, breath, joy, and access to your radiant spirit.

Click on the play button below to watch the video! It is also on YouTube on The Julie Wilcox Method channel with all of her other videos.

Julie is wearing one of her favorite tops by Omgirl and ankle ankle cuff pants by Beyond Yoga

Triangle pose is an amazing yoga posture that stretches and opens all parts of the body. In this video, you will have noticed that I focus on the hip structure. But, triangle pose also stretches the following from bottom up:

•    the toes.
•    the ankles.
•    the entire back side of the front leg including the calf, the knee, and the hamstrings
•    both the hips and groins.
•    the outer quadriceps primarily of the back legs.
•    the glutes.
•    the piriformis muscle.
•    many muscles along the sides of the torso.
•    the muscles between the ribs.
•    the shoulders.
•    all muscles of the arms.
•    the fingers.
•    the neck.

Triangle pose is fabulous for anyone who is neither compromised by serious injury nor by health issues. I recommend it for athletes, those with mile lower back pain, and those who are tight in any of the body regions bullet pointed above. Triangle pose is one of my favorite yoga postures because it not only opens up the physical body on so many levels, but it also opens up all of our energetic channels very powerfully, stimulating our life force to become more vital.