a) 200 per hour

b) 450 per hour

c) 700 per hour


c) Spinning is great exercise that burns approximately 700 calories per hour.



Notes About Spinning

  • Spinning is a great way to tone your legs. If you tend to develop bulky leg muscles and are seeking long lean ones however, keep your spinning to 1x-2x per week.
  • Some spin classes include arm exercises with light weights to tone arms. When you are both cycling and toning your arms with weights, I encourage you to be extra form conscious to avoid shoulder injury.  
  • If you are hoping for maximum calorie burn, consider skipping the arm portion of the classes. Arm toning versus calorie blasting is a trade off because in order to  balance for the arm weight exercises, you have to slow your legs down significantly, which lessens cardio output and calorie torching (if you do this it’s best to increase the pedal resistance a lot to maintain balance and keep your legs working). Keeping your legs cycling faster and adding intervals to your workout will ensure continued amazing cardio output essential for burning calories.
  • My preference and recommendation is to separate cardio workouts from weight workouts. If you are hoping to get a full body workout all at once to save time or any other reason, consider doing HIIT, which traditionally does not include weights but incorporates pure body weight bearing exercises and cardio throughout the duration of the session.