The JWW Level 1 Yoga Program offers a beginner vinyasa yoga program with six video sequences that are approximately 30-minutes each. As you progress from Level 1 Sequence 1 to Level 1 Sequence 2  and so on, each practice introduces new postures and more difficult variations of the poses. The video modules and glossary of yoga pose complement the longer sequences, demonstrating the individual postures to give you more time to master your technique and form.




The Yoga Calendar

The calendar, which occupies the center of your screen, charts out a program for you to practice yoga twice a week (the yoga calendar and fitness calendars interact with each other to create your total balanced weekly program) and asks that you stick with each sequence for about one month (you can take more time if you need). Week 1 starts with the most basic yoga sequence, Level 1 Sequence 1. Every subsequent sequence introduces new poses and more complicated variations of poses. As you move forward to the more advanced sequences, the calendar schedules you to continually practice the earlier sequences as well. This will help you maintain your strength and the technique of the simpler poses, which you will need to achieve the more diffilcut poses. The sequences include standing poses, twisting poses, standing balances, backbends, seated poses, beginner arm balances and preparations for inversions.




30-Minute Level 1 Yoga Sequences

The Dashboard Toolbar located to the left of your calendar, offers the six Level 1 yoga sequences a la carte if you prefer to practice on your own. Keep in mind that to avoid injury, mastery of the basic postures from the earlier sequences is critical before you move on to the more difficult postures. The JWW sequences are designed to progressively strengthen the body, increase flexibility and instruct you on how to effectively use your breath for a safe practice.


Individual Pose Videos

The Individual Pose Videos complement the six 30-minute sequences. The yoga modules isolate poses so that you may watch them easily and as many times as you like. Close study of the posture alignment will help you learn them with precision and correct form, which is the best way to avoid injury and maximize the benefits of yoga.


The Yoga Glossary

The glossary of poses is in ‘still photograph’ form. This allows you to examine the Level 1 postures and their specific alignment without time pressure.


Moving On

Once you have completed The JWW Level 1 Yoga Program, sequences one through six, you will be ready to move on to The JWW Level 2 Yoga Program. Level 2 operates in the same progressive manner as Level 1, however it teaches you intermediate and advanced postures. Please note that Level 2 offers modifications for all poses and the option to skip poses that are too difficult so that you may continue a Level 1 practice while using Level 2 sequences if you need variety.