The JWW Level 2 Food Program is designed to help you lose weight with recipes inspired by Mediterranean and Vegetarian diets. JWW meals bring together fresh organic ingredients including fruit, vegetables, legumes, fish, whole grains, vegetarian protein (tofu, seitan, tempeh), and dairy. Julie believes that healthy weight-loss is about refining an already healthy diet of pure nutritious foods, healthy portion sizes, and balanced meals. The JWW Level 2 Food Program allows the body's natural systems and hormones to do their job without the stress of under-eating, fasting, cleansing, or eating processed foods.  


  The Meal Plan Calendar   When you sign into your account, you land on your Dashboard, which displays your calendar in the center of the screen. Your food calendar begins on the day you sign up for JWW. The calendar tells you what to eat for each meal each day.  It also provides the recipes for the meals. Sticking to the Level 2 structured meal plan is the best way to acheive weight-loss. If you must substitute meals, choose options from the Recipe Index under the Food heading of the Dashboard Toolbar (or from a menu if your are out/taking out) that are virtually interchangeable with those on your menu.   JWW Videos/Recipes & Articles If you scroll to the bottom of your Dashboard, you will see that you have access to the complete database of JWW food, yoga and fitness content. To view all JWW content, click on one of the following links: JWW Videos, Recipes & Articles or Online Videos link on the top navigation bar.   THE DASHBOARD TOOLBAR   The Recipe Index The Recipe Index, which is located on your Dashboard toolbar under the heading Food, breaks down Level 2 recipes by meal: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert.  This function allows you to find meal alternatives that are equally appropriate to planned meals in your calendar. Note that the individual recipes in the Recipe Index often combine to make one complete meal so use your calendar as a guide to learn how mix and match recipes to form meals. Any food item, ingredient or keyword you are looking for can be found using the “Search” field located on the upper right of your screen.   The Cooking Videos Under the Food heading, JWW also provides a few complimentary video demonstrations of how to make specific recipes.