START YOUR DAYS WITH EGG WHITES AND BERRIES. Oatmeal and hearty healthy breakfasts are great for winter but it’s time for lighter low-fat protein-rich meals that will rev up your metabolism each morning. Egg whites will do the trick! Or, have a cooling bowl of berries, which are low in calories and fat, packed with fiber and full of anti-oxidants.

DO YOUR CARDIO IN THE MORNING AND EXERCISE OUTSIDE. Your body continues to burn calories for up to 2 hrs. after a workout and exercise reduces hunger (unless you use it as an excuse to eat) so maximize your output and let your energy burn all day long. Additionally, studies show that exercising outdoors is more challenging and tends to burn more calories than exercising indoors.

YOGA & WEIGHT TRAINING.  Hoping for lean toned muscles for the beach? Make sure to get to yoga class at least twice a week and lift weights once or twice a week (you can do both right here on the JWM). Yoga also reduces stress levels. Stress causes cortisol levels to rise and cortisol increases appetite, fatigue and storage of fat in fat cells.

GRAB A SNACK OF GREEN JUICE OR MATCHA TEA. If you’re used to snacking on more grounding foods like nuts and bars, switch them out for a green juice or Matcha tea with chia seeds. These snacks are cooling, packed with nutrients, energizing and lighter for spring.

SKIP MAIN COURSES. If you are eating out for dinner, skip main courses. Order two appetizers or make a light meal out of 2-3 small veggie sides. Skip the bread basket.


SLEEP. Sleep governs all of our systems. It refreshes our energy and balances our hormones. It also boosts metabolism. Aim for 7-8 hours a night!