It is that time of year when we need to armor ourselves against colds and specifically sore throats.  Even in yoga class where the healthiest of us hang out, coughs, sneezes and other mucus clearings of their own kind abound. The ancient Chinese believed that ginger provides relief to sore throats. Whereas science does back ginger as a cure for a sore throat, studies show that it is is anti-inflammatory and can kill bacteria. There is no purer way to reap the benefits of ginger than to down a shot!

Early in the season, about two months ago, I came down with a terribly sore throat. One round of antibiotics gave me a week of relief and then I was hit again with searing pain and clear signs of an infection. The doctor prescribed me another round  of drugs, this time, penicillin. Again, as before, I experienced relative relief but still had nagging discomfort.

It was only when I threw back a pure ginger shot, that my throat felt truly healed (I will warn you that swallowing it felt like I was a magician dropping a flame down my gullet). My glands and tonsils finally shrunk, the pain subsided, and the incessant post-nasal drip disappeared.  Perhaps the bacteria-killing properties worked after all.

Though science hasn’t yet proven that ginger can cure serious bacterial infections of the throat, sometimes we have to suspend our disbelief and try alternative medicine. Though my first round of antibiotics might have started the healing process and been a must, I would have preferred to have tried the natural ginger remedy first before putting my system through the onslaught of harsh drugs. which we know can read havoc on our gut microbiome.