The JWW Fitness Program allows you to choose Sports Cardio or HIIT for your workouts. You will do either one on any given day and then sometimes you may split a workout between the two. In Level 2 Sports Cardio, you will build on the stamina and strength you gained in Level 1. Once you are comfortable exercising for 30-minutes, you will blend more intense interval training into your workouts. Then, you will add stronger cross-training. Finally, you will increase your time and pace to 45 minute and 1 hour long workouts.




The Sports Cardio Calendar 

When you sign into your account, your Dashboard displays your calendar in the center of the screen. Your Sports Cardio calendar begins on the day you sign up for JWW and allows you to view two weeks of your program at a time, the current week and the following week. The calendar tells you when to exercise and what kind of exercise you should do each day. In Level 2, you will continue to build your endurance, do intervals, cross-train and increase both time and pace (click on the workout heading to view the details of your day’s session). As you progress with the program, you will advance towards working out for 45-minutes or more. When you complete your cardio workout, begin your toning exercises, which are located on the right of the screen. Level 2 introduces new and more difficult strengthening exercises than those in Level 1. Before trying more advanced moves, make sure that your body is ready for them. If you need to alternatives to the exercises in your calendar, refer to the Fitness Index or go back to your toning exercises from Level 1.




The Fitness Index

The Fitness Index allows you to search and review individual video modules for all cardio and toning exercises. Each module includes steps, health benefits and a short demonstrative video. You can use the index to select appropriate exercises to add to your cardio program at your discretion or to substitute for ones that you are not yet ready for.