Julie Wilcox Wellness (JWW) is a health and wellness lifestyle design company. With JWW I combine what I passionately believe to be the three essential pillars of optimal well-being--NUTRITION, YOGA, and FITNESS. I am committed to the notion that the healthiest, happiest, most fulfilled, and least stressed people incorporate not just one or two pillars, but all three pillars of health.

Whether you are an individual, corporation, hotel group, or doctor seeking wellness programs for your patients, all of my programs are customized to suit personalized needs. I work with a staff of hand-picked yoga instructors, registered dietitians, and personal trainers who are expert at working to prevent illness and injury as well as to treat a wide spectrum of adverse health issues. To schedule your initial consultation, please email me by clicking on contact below.



Depending on your needs, services can include anything from one to all of the below:


Healthy Lifestyle Design Services 

Initial consultation to assess your life

Lifestyle design blueprint

Matching you with your wellness professionals

Monthly check-in and coaching


Yoga Services

Private yoga sessions

Group yoga sessions

Customized online classes


Fitness Services

Personal training

Group class training

Customized online classes


Nutrition Services

Initial consultation and matching with an RD

Weekly nutrition check-ins and coaching (virtual or in-person)

Meal plans, supermarket tours, cooking lessons, access to hundreds of recipes