I invite you to join me for this very short online yoga flow class. I cover sun salutes, warrior 2, reverse warrior, triangle pose, camel pose and more in just about two-and-a-half minutes. This is a great practice to open your hips, chest and back when you are in a pinch for time! If you have a few more minutes, you can repeat this sequence up to three times.




Enjoy this class? Check out my other very short yoga classes for energy and flow, shoulders, digestion and balance coming soon!

For complete instructional online yoga classes in which I guide you through 30-minute practices teaching you every pose in detail, I invite you to become a member of my method here. Level 1 is for beginner/intermediate students. Level 2 is for intermediate/advanced students and the Specialty level offers yoga for hips, back pain, neck pain, high blood pressure, shoulders, restorative yoga, travel work and more!