I just got back from Southwest Turkey where I spent three weeks implementing the JWM at Marti Hemithea, a 5 Star luxury boutique hotel on the Aegean Sea. I was interviewed by top Turkish publications. Below is one of the interviews I did with a magazine. I am sharing the interview and some photos with you to give you the flavor and full understanding of what the JWM  lifestyle in action is all about. Enjoy!

 First we want to know you, who is Julie Wilcox?

  • I am founder of the Julie Wilcox Method (JWM). From the ages of 8 to 15, I trained fort the Olympics as gymnast under Russian coaches. I was very talented with my body and because of my ambition, like all professional athletes, developed an extraordinary base of knowledge about how to strengthen the body and eat right to nourish my muscles and joints as well as to look fit. To achieve the highest level of performance, I always had to be toned, flexible and extremely lean with a strong core, legs and arms. Later in life, I found yoga and got my yoga teaching credentials. Then, I co-founded yoga studios in NYC in 2007, which I sold out of in 2011 so that I could build the JWM. The JWM is a culmination of my life experience so far. It expresses my beliefs and passions, that total wellness is a lifestyle, which integrates yoga, fitness and healthy, organic whole foods. Whereas many people in the wellness arena teach one of the pillars, I teach all three and their interrelationships in a seamless fashion

Dancer Church Ruins Turkey MediumWhat are the characteristics of the Julie Wilcox Method?

  • The JWM integrates all three essential pillars of health. My method teaches people how to be healthy for life; it is not a quick fix but a comprehensive lifestyle. People can access the JWM anywhere anytime. The method is delivered 24/7 online making it convenient for folks who are home, at work or traveling. The JWM also operates offline. In person, I work with corporations of all kinds to help them implement and enhance wellness programs for their employees and clients. The hospitality industry is one of my biggest areas of focus. I also teach and consult with individuals one-on-one.
  • The JWM is broken down into three levels: Level 1 is for beginner yoga and fitness. The Level 1 diet is about learning to eat healthily and maintain weight. Level 2 is for intermediate yogis and exercisers. The Level 2 diet is for weight loss. The Specialty Level offers yoga for back pain, neck, shoulder and hip, high blood pressure, work and travel. The workouts are low impact for those with injuries or illness. There are three meal plans that are gluten-free, for work and for travel. My recipes are predominantly Mediterranean meets Vegetarian and then there is a bit of Asian inspiration for a few dishes-vegetarian because they include tofu, seitan and tempeh.



Landscape Hlls TurkeyYou are offering a life of health by bringing together yoga, fitness and nutrition. So, do people who apply your method, have to work with you for lifetime or do you teach them how to live healthy?

  • If needed, people can always work with me for a lifetime since the JWM delivers such a strong program online. The JWM database is huge with dozens of 30-minute fitness and yoga video classes that I teach, hundreds of modules in which I breakdown individual yoga poses, and fitness exercises and then hundreds of recipes I created. JWM members have access to the entire database. Members can follow JWM daily calendars for all three categories if they need help in structuring their lives and sticking to a plan. They can also design their own programs at their discretion by using the indexes. The idea ultimately, is that people learn to live and apply the lifestyle without daily help. Of course, even in that case, checking in with me every now and then and staying abreast of new programming and content I roll out is key.

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IMG_1270How did you start to work with Martı Hemithea Hotel?

  • I met the owners through an American friend and yoga teacher who lives in Istanbul. We did our teacher training together many years ago at Yoga Works in the U.S. She expressed that the Marti group was looking specifically for someone to implement, manage and lead a comprehensive wellness program that integrates yoga, fitness and food for individual guests, special groups and corporations. On the corporate front, a total wellness program in nature is an incredible way to build team spirit and be creative. Taking executives out of their everyday office environment helps enhance collaboration, communication and bonding. I am unique in that I offer all three pillars of health and am very experienced at working with the highest-level CEOs.

Full Dancer Hedos Medium Hanstand Tree Turkey Medium Hiking Hedos MediumDuring your stay here, which type of program did you apply to the guests?

  • Every morning we ate breakfast 7:30-8:15am. Then, we went trekking for 2 and-a-half hours or did cardio and toning for 1 hour. Lunch was at 1:30pm. After lunch, guests had a couple of hours to go to the spa for bodywork or just to relax and hang out. The spa has a traditional Turkish hamam as well as a lovely bamboo field in which guests can get treatments in nature and with fresh air. Bodywork, rest and rejuvenation are key parts of my method. We did yoga 5-6:30pm, which included short lectures on yoga philosophy followed by one and-a-half hours of postures, breathing and meditation. Dinner was at 8pm (a little late for the JWM!). I curated and made all of the meals while at the same time trained the chefs to cook and present my food. They achieved a very high level of excellence.

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IMG_1205How was being at Martı Hemithea Hotel and practicing with Turkish guests?

  • It was spectacular! The property is beautiful with staggering natural surroundings and gorgeous rooms. The area around Marti Hemithea is perfect for wellness because within no more than 15minutes of the hotel and marina, you can access innumerable hiking routes. You can hike to waterfalls, through forests, to ancient ruins and over mountains. The Aegean Sea is visible from many vantage points. Each route is different, which makes exercising fun and fascinating. It’s so much nicer and exciting to workout in the outdoors with clean air, trees, blossoming flowers and animals all around than to remain in the cities. We have to make our wellness work no matter where we are but if you have the choice, being outdoors is best. Marti Hemithea even has an open-air gym and yoga pavilion on property, which overlook the bay.
  • The guests were extremely receptive to the JWM teachings. They were eager to learn and serious about getting in shape in mind, body and spirit. I was impressed that they were curious about the philosophy of yoga in addition to the physical practice. They came with some knowledge but were eager to learn more and had many questions. In class I taught them the basic theory of yoga, which I supported with my own written materials that are a synthesis of the major yoga teachings.  For example, I taught them about the true origin and meaning of yoga, the eight limbs of yoga, the causes of the fluctuations of the mind, the chakras, how to deal with emotional disturbances and much more.

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IMG_1166 IMG_1190Could you give us clues for living in a healthier way?

  • Health doesn’t just happen. It takes work, discipline and consistency. The latest studies in the U.S. show that we must do at least 150 minutes of cardio activity a week. This might seem tough for those who are just beginning but once your body adapts to the lifestyle, maintaining it becomes a necessity. You’ll organically want to do it. Your body will call for it. Of course, there will be times, as with all things in life, when you falter, but if you make your wellness a priority and embrace my method, you will automatically set yourself up to get right back on the wagon when you have fallen off.

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IMG_1385People could practice Julie Wilcox method via Internet. How do you serve your method via Internet?


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