If you are traveling for work, life on the road does not mean you have to give up your regular yoga and fitness regimen. Here are some simple tips to help keep you in top shape while you travel.

  • Buy an eKO SuperLite Travel Mat by Manduka. This mat folds up into a small square and weighs only 2lbs making it easy to pack in a bottom corner of your suitcase. The best thing about the eKO SuperLite is its superior ultra-sticky gripping technology. With this mat, you can practice yoga anywhere from a hotel room to a cruise ship!
  • If you prefer cardio exercise, choose a hotel with a gym, find out what equipment the facility has and plan your workouts in advance and write them down in a calendar. For example: Monday, “I’m going to run on the treadmill for 20-minutes before my meetings and tack on abs;” Tuesday, “I’ll do in 20 minutes of HIIT and tack on 10 minutes of yoga.” Thursday, “Yoga Day, full practice 1 hr!”
  • Ask colleagues who you know are also fitness devotees to plan their workout times to coincide with yours. You can help motivate each other to stay on the treadmill so to speak with planned meeting times and session durations.
  • When traveling with kids, plan your trips around fun athletic activities, like bike riding, hiking, skiing, swimming, surfing and snorkeling.
  • Always pack travel friendly workout clothes. My favorites are shorts and a tank, which are both cardio and yoga friendly and easy to pack. Don’t forget your headphones!