Here we are, three days into the new year. Happy 2016 everyone! Below are a few simple JWW health tips, which will enhance your well-being.
  1. Be tame with alcohol: make a habit of drinking 1 night a week (and only up to 2 drinks on that night)
  2. Exercise 5x per week, at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense workouts: this includes cardio, strength training, and yoga
  3. Be mindful: treat yourself and all others with kindness, compassion, sympathy and empathy
  4. Eat whole organic, non-processsed food
  5. Cook your food as often as you can: mostly fresh organic plant-based options with some fish and grains
  6. If you eat out, learn how to order so that you can eat as close as you would at home--mostly plant based and fish, light carbs: For more on this, you can purchase my database, which is full of information, plans, online classes
  7. Get outdoors and enjoy nature as often as you can for exercise and just pure appreciation
  8. Get your posture in good stead making sure to stand up tall and straight with your shoulders back and down
  9. Spend a good amount of time with friends: laugh a lot when you're social
  10. Take advantage of culture and the arts
  11. Meditate: be in the present, try not to ruminate about the past or worry about the future
  12. Don't let others judge or define you
  13. Set goals and a plan to achieve them; challenge yourself and accept that failure is sometimes a good thing and part of the process of taking risk for better things to come
  14. Get close to others: science shows that hugs and touch make for happier individuals