The tripod headstand, like all yoga inversions, can have amazing health benefits when done safely and correctly. Added perks come when variations are added to the posture (in this yoga tripod headstand video we will add internal and external hip openers). A former gymnast, one of my greatest joys and strengths is teaching yoga inversions. Watch this video and learn how to do a tripod headstand and how to open your hips while you're in it! *This practice is for intermediate-advanced and advanced students only. If you have never done or mastered tripod headstand before, do not attempt this post on your own. Health Benefits Of Yoga Inversions: ~strengthen and tone upper body (arms, shoulders, neck, wrists, hands, pectorals, deltoids, and all muscles of the back) and legs (especially adductors, glutes, quads, and feet) ~improve balance ~improve concentration ~regulate and slow the breath ~calm the mind ~drain the lymphatic system ~enhance the mind body connection ~strengthen the core   Watch the tripod headstand video with Julie Wilcox here: