The eagle pose has always been a tough yoga posture for me. In this video I show you how to approach the pose step-by-step and with ease. Watch it, learn itm and master eagle as I finally did–with still a few wobbles here and there!

The first time eagle pose clicked with me was when I watched a long lanky client of mine pretzel up as if it were no big deal (anatomy does matter a lot in yoga)! Though balancing was still a challenge for him and he was still practicing the posture against the wall, when I watched the deep bend of his knees, the simple release of his seat back and down, and the way he could relax and wrap his legs so comfortably right from the hip joint, I experienced a eureka moment (Previously the eagle pose was harder for me because I would tense up and contract my hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors, which only took me further away from getting into the pose).

The next time I practiced the eagle yoga pose, the visual of my client’s long relaxed limbs in addition to my own calm steady breath, focus, clear steady eye line, and the understanding of the need for soft leg muscles, allowed me to gracefully enter into this challenging pose.

Eagle arms were never an issue for me, but for some folks, that wrap can be quite difficult too. It is usually do to tightness in the shoulders, upper back muscles, and wrists, and/or overly developed pecs, biceps, and triceps. The ability to direct the breath is critical to  open and relax these muscles required to pretzel up for eagle arms.

Watch This Yoga Video For Yogis of All Levels to Learn Eagle Pose:

Bikini by So de Mel

Eagle Pose is great for the following benefits to your body:

  • Opens the outer hips, gluteus muscles, and piriformis
  • Opens the shoulders, upper back, triceps, and wrists
  • Balance
  • Concentration
  • Looseness and mobility of muscles and joints of entire body
  • Breath Control
  • Core stability and strength